Tamani Marina Hotel Executes Successful Fire Drill


The drill was carried out in coordination with Dubai Civil Defense

TAMANI Marina Hotel & Hotel Apartment in Dubai, recently conducted a successful fire drill involving all the hotel’s employees, heads of departments and in house guests.

The exercise was in line with TAMANI Marina Hotel’s initiative to provide sufficient knowledge, exercise and training as well as to totally prepare its staff when it comes to emergencies like fire.

The warning bell of a fire incident went off at 9:30 AM on Wednesday 5th September, and all employees and in house guests immediately left the main building and headed to the specified designated places, upon receiving guidelines from security and safety employees and the different departments in the Hotel through direct contact messages and posters.

The activity was held under the leadership of TAMANI Marina Hotel General Manager Walid Al-Awa, in coordination with Dubai Civil Defense and participation of the Dubai Police and Ambulance.

At the end of the drill which lasted 15 minutes, Walid Al-Awa expressed his pleasure towards the application of the evacuation, head counts and inspections in a record time, which indicates the continuous efforts and teamwork among TAMANI Marina Hotel employees to ensure they are in line with the goals on safety and security and take the necessary procedures in managing crises.

Al Awa added:” The safety of our guests and our colleagues in the hotel is a top priority. We conduct fire drills twice a year to intensify safety and training within the property and refresh the memory of all the trained staff to ensure the efficiency of evacuation operations of unlikely emergency events such as fire.”

Al Awa also thanked Dubai Civil Defense for their cooperation and advices on ground to apply safety and security principles and reach the timeframe of evacuation effectively during the event.

In return, the Dubai Civil defense teams which were responsible for controlling the public and checking the emergency plans and field operations expressed their admiration to the fast and accurate response of the hotel’s team since the alarm started until it ended.

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